Questions & Answers

Why is this landing page written in English?
We’re doing constantly efforts to bring donations and support from abroad, so we decided to keep the most important things in English. This way they can be accessible to everyone, no matter their nationalities.

What this project stands for?
FILME PENTRU FILME is a nonprofit and non-branded campaign for crowdfunding Romanian independent films. The project started in 2021 as a response to the pandemic context that has had a substantial impact on the film industry. The campaign is designed as public auction where people can bid for awesome items from around the film world, donated by people or brands who support visual arts and film industry.

How does it work?
Every Monday, for 30 weeks straight, we reveal one awesome item from the film world that can be bought on a public auction on Facebook. You can bid for the item from Monday 9:00 until Friday 23:59 using the comments section on Facebook. All the funds raised go to finance Romanian independent films.

Why independent films?
We consider that independent filmmakers and artists at the beginning of the career are the ones who need more motivation and support than anyone else in this industry. Because, most of the cases, they do not own the necessary funds for making a film, and they do not have the support of a film production company.

How can I help?
There are multiple ways of how you can help this project. You can participate at the weekly auctions on our Facebook page. You can become a donor and send us cool stuff that can be auctioned. Or you can simply help us with likes & shares. Also, you can become a platform contributor and help us to further develop this project.

How can I donate?
If you want to donate items, get in touch with Victoria Baltag, the founder of this project. If you want to participate in the auction, simply follow us on Facebook and bid using comments.

Where and when can I bid for items?
You can only bid for 1 item per week. The item is posted on our Facebook page Monday, 09:00, and the auction ends Friday 23:59. The person or the brand who bid the highest price gets the item.

Where the funds go?
All the funds go to finance Romanian independent films. The official representative of the project reserves the right to choose the films that will get fully or partially funds. One of the first movie that will be funded with the help of this project is The Pitești Experiment, but we aim to help as many films as possible.

Where the money should be sent after winning an auction?
RON — Patria Bank — CRDZROBU (BIC) — RO05CARP0451P0067179RO02
EURO — Patria Bank — CRDZROBU (BIC) — RO86CARP0451P0067179EU01
POUND STERLING — Patria Bank — CRDZROBU (BIC) — RO72CARP0451P0067179GB01
Asociația Connections — 29860992 (CUI)

Who sets the opening bid?
The opening bid of any item is set by its donor.

How long does the campaign last?
The first phase of the campaign will last 30 weeks, from May 4, 2021 to October 8, 2021.

Who is the official representative?
The project is officially represented by its founder, Victoria Baltag together with Asociația Connections (NGO). Victoria Baltag is a Romanian film director, screenwriter and producer, and she works as Professional and Academic Mentor at the Birmingham University.

Who did your awesome logo and visual identity?
The entire visual identify was created pro bono by Local Design Circle, professional designers association. Thank you, guys, you are awesome!

How much money you raised?
0 RON — Last Update — April 26, 2021, 09:00 AM

How many items has been auctioned?
0 Items — Last Update — April 26, 2021, 09:00 AM

Where can I find your press releases?
That simple, here.

How can I ask you a question that is not listed here?
Check the contact section. There you can ask us anything we didn’t manage to cover here.